Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still Standing

Well, I can't say as I made it through sparring class without injury, but I am still on two feet.

The injury was minor, but after a while it got to be some kind of cosmic joke--I stubbed my second toe on the left foot, next to the big toe.

Then that same toe was stepped on while we were warming up free sparring.

Then it was stepped on once more by someone else while I was refereeing a point fighting match.


It's a pretty shade of purple today, and I intend to get it checked out tonight when I can get a ride--I'm also home with some kind of mild flu-like virus, and a bit too lightheaded to drive myself anywhere.

Anyhow, sparring was a very joyful experience for me, even with the bruising (and possible breaking) of a toe. I was on adrenaline the whole afternoon, but fell into a calm, rhythmic place once I warmed up and did some free sparring.

Now I just need to put into action all the mental notes I've taken watching class for the past 6+ months!

Time to grab some late lunch and take a nice, long nap...


BobSpar said...

Hack, that is a really purple toe. I think it is understandable that you'd get an injury like that when you first return. I hope it's not broken (I know from experience that a colorful toe that looks broken may not be!).

And I'm glad your return to sparring was a joyous experience anyway.

Hack Shaft said...

Yah, as of today the color is pretty much gone--so I think the flesh was insulted pretty good, but not a broken bone.