Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Half-Way Day!

And so Wednesday, April the 2nd arrives, and along with it the end of week 13. The official halfway point of my 26-week rehab program.

Assuming they're on similar programs, I want to send a belated "Happy Half-Way Day" to Black Belt Mama and Michelle. Jed is on his third (owie!) reconstruction, and given his aggressive-sounding program, I've no idea where he is in his current rehab!

To celebrate, I'm bringing treats tomorrow to G-Shaft's sparring class. It's well attended (typically 17 or more kids), and I've received so many positive comments from the parents and some of the kids that I just had to say 'thanks' in one of my special ways--my infamous "bribe" cookies. Two of these have bought me into many events at no charge in the past...

Here's a few photos I took on my running path a few days after snow melt last week.

Whose woods these are, I think I know,
His house is in the village, though.

He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow

While beautiful, this is also a somewhat treacherous time of year. I had to keep switching sides of the trail to find good traction. See, the snow melted the day before, but re-froze overnight with a hard, slick glaze on top!

Here's a tribute to the boys of summer, may they bring it soon:

This is a baseball field at my turnaround point, lying in wait for the grass and baseball players to return. It's very quiet and peaceful at this time of morning!

This one I call Dawn of Health:

That's the shell of the new L.A. Fitness going up, just steps from the running trail. If membership is as reasonable as I've heard, and they have a pool, I'm all over it!


Jed said...

I really don't have a "program". I only went to PT 4 times. (Weeks .5,1.5,2.5,3.5).

First one was semi-aggressive because I wanted to get back for Senior Track, I think I was cleared to throw/run around 11 weeks.

Second I had absolutely no plan, I took off the spring rugby season. (Although looking how well I did this time, I could have easily made it since my Surgery was relatively 3 months before my current one and the seasons are the same).

Third I decided to just go all out. I coupled recovery along with my diet.

Blackbeltmama said...

Thanks! Half way feels really nice, doesn't it?

Michele said...

It is great that the gym will be so close. I am in the process of gym shopping and I think I found the one I am going to join.

Nonblond said...

Congrats on your half-way day! I look forward to making it there one day myself. Tomorrow is only three weeks since my surgery, so I still have a lot ahead of me. :(

Chad said...

Hack Shaft,

Belated congrats on reaching the half way mark. I've been following your blog since I tore my own ACL during a karate exam at the end of February. I just had surgery on April 11 and wanted you to know how helpful I've found the blogs you and the others have been writing. I think I found yours first and followed your links to BBM's, Michele's, and Bob Spar's. Together you all have made this much easier.

Thanks so much. And continued good luck with your recovery.