Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

...But my morning run Tuesday was delightful!

I awoke to this sight:

32 degrees and heavy, sticky, new fallen Spring snow was on everything.

I really debated going for a run in that muck, but as it turned out the snow was only an inch deep. I geared up and headed out to my usual running path.

The path was perfectly undisturbed. Not even as much as a rabbit had left its mark, leaving me first to plod through the snow.

With trees arching overhead forming a sort of roof, it was a very Robert Frost moment.

Wednesday I had a brief visit with my PT to review exercises and status. You want numbers? My final ROM is 138 degrees flexion, probably -10 extension. This is identical to my good knee, and further flexion limited by the bulk of my thighs. All is well, except she wants me to concentrate more effort on hamstring development, which she states is quite important.

I see Molly again in 3 weeks when I pass into the final phase of rehab--weeks 13 through 26--and begin hopping, tons more balancing, figure-8, square hops, and finally running with cutting motions.

12 more days and I'm halfway home. New countdown clock to celebrate!


Michele said...

Great photo!

I like your new countdown clock. You will be back in the dojo soon!

BobSpar said...

Great photo, great run, and it's great to see a Robert Frost poem, too!

Nonblond said...

Wow, I'm jealous. I still have a long way to go (just had acl surgery last Tuesday) but seeing all these blogs out there with people who are doing so well is really inspiring. Keep up the good work and keep writing about your progress!

Anonymous said...

Great to see your recovery progressing well. Had my ACL surgery today. Keep up the work. On an urelated note, you should send some of your music to She posts a great Podcast called BUTR (Bands Under the Radar) on Itunes.

Blackbeltmama said...

Ok, now I get it. 138 is your full ROM. Mine is 155. There in lies the difference between girls and boys. ;-)

I can't believe you're running. My skinny stick legs won't let me do that yet, although my PT is threatening to turn up the treadmill soon. Right now, I'm walking fast backwards on an inclined treadmill.

You sound like you're doing great. I'm glad to hear it.

Hack Shaft said...

Thanks to everyone for their words of support, it means so much and really helps to carry me through this most difficult phase--the waiting game!!!

Next week, my PT will show me exercises that FINALLY involve some sideways motion. Rumors of hopping, grapevine side-stepping, maybe even running backwards up hills in the local park.

As for my ROM, yes I've got big thighs! Can only bend so far before it's a matter of tisue-on-tissue, and further bending would involve surgical alterations first.