Friday, May 2, 2008

Four weeks to go:Time for some numbers.

I had it in my head that a 6 month rehab program = 26 weeks. From my surgery on January 2nd, this works out to July 2nd.

However...the rehab program is actually 24 weeks, or June 18th!

I'm going with my PT's opinion and my gut at this time (and it's still pretty sizable), that my visit with Dr. K on the 30th will result in my returning to Karate. Updated my countdown to reflect this.

I am exhausted this week. I'm trying to wrap up mixing my band's CD so we can publish it this month (, and only get time late at night at the rehearsal studio. Combine that with the early morning regimen to prepare for returning to Karate at the end of the month, and I'm burning the candle at both ends!

To fit everything in, I created two alternating day schedules, with a lighter "rest" day on Sunday.

M-W-F: Running and Karate

- Run 20 minutes, increasing to 30 by month end.
- 15 minutes of figure-8 running, starting long and wide, shrinking to sharp turns by month end
- 5 minutes of backwards running uphill, increasing as I'm able
- 15-20 minutes of slow tempo Karate form, stance marches, slow-count kicks, increasing to moderate tempo by month end

T-Th-Sa: Jump, Hop, Strength and Balance

- 5 minutes of jump rope, working up to 10 minutes by month end (great for sparring footwork endurance)
- 20 minutes of hop exercises: box, diagonal, straight line, zig-zag line, working up to one-leg by month end
- Strength exercises working up to 10 lbs. of ankle weight, various squats, hamstring curls, planks, core, pushups and situps
- Closed eye balance and stances with G-Shaft gently pushing or pulling to challenge proprioception

Sunday: Light 20 minute jog with extensive stretching

It's aggressive, but I truly want to stage a decent comeback. So far I've got no unusual pain or aches from all this stuff. I also have it written out so I don't have to think so hard in the morning!

Time to shop for cross-trainers...


Nonblond said...

My knee aches just reading about the stuff you are doing. Seriously.

Michele said...

Congratulations on your ACL timeline. I stopped by your band's website ...fantastic! I enjoyed listening.

Hack Shaft said...

Nonblond, I agree--that was exactly how I felt reading the protocol during the first few weeks, but it's entirely do-able!

Michele, thanks for the kind words. I figure I just put in about 15-16 hours mixing music since Wednesday, should be more to come!