Sunday, August 17, 2008


My Karate school is remodeling which presented me with a golden opportunity:

Purchase several 40" X 40" squares of interlocking floor mat squares for $5 each!

Since I have plans to add a major addition to the house, which includes a workout area for Karate, I snagged 25 tiles--enough to make a 16 X 16 sparring area. These premium mats usually go for $20-22 each, so it's an easy choice to make.

As for Karate, things are going fantastic. I'm still enjoying Monday night sparring, and look forward to my first tournament on September 14th. It'll be my first time sparring in a tournament, and first tournament since last November!

Also, my band will be performing an acoustic show in October that'll broadcast live over the Internet. I'll be sure to post a link.

Meanwhile the knee is holding up just great, and I pretty much give it no thought these days.

Be good. Keep smiling at those opponents!!!


Anonymous said...

Those look cool. I've got some of the cheap-o kinds in my garage. Can't use 'em for sparring, but they're good for padding the area around my home-made kicking back (my old army duffle bag stuffed with 40lbs of blankets).

Michele said...

Congratulations on your success! It sounds like you are way to busy to think about your knee.