Monday, August 25, 2008

Taking a break from getting high

In Thursday's core class we worked some drills to extend kicking height.

Round kicks went great, I'm easily at head height getting much higher than I thought possible at this relatively early stage in my journey to Black Belt.

Hook kicks went well, but...the last one or two had me extending a bit far and I suffered a minor hamstring pull in my left leg.

As my supporting leg at the time, it was pretty much under maximum tension as I stretched to reach the target; leaning slightly back, I felt it give right where the muscle meets my pelvis.

That's the closest thing I've ever felt to a broken butt. The pain was sharp and very localized, right near the bony bit of pelvis one sits on.

After talking with my instructor, I decided to take a week off to rest the leg, not wanting to chance more injury sparring tonight.

The pain has subsided, but I can still feel some tension with mild stretching. I should be fine, just have to watch that leg--and avoid high hook kicks for a month or two!!!

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BobSpar said...

Clever headline, Hack!