Saturday, December 27, 2008


My wife loves my knee.

She said as much this week.

Well, she loves the rest of me, too, but my operative knee in particular comes in handy for Christmas shopping since it nets me a handicapped parking pass.

Notable milestones:

- 110° of flexion, -3° extension, and straight leg lifts with no noticeable lag.
- Beyond weight-bearing and walking without a limp, I was actually able to balance on the operative leg on a mini trampoline at PT!
- Stitches are out.
- Immobilizer brace and cane are gone. Amen.

Only noticeable ongoing issues are my leg coloring up (normal, but rather gruesome looking) and mild cramping in my quads. I'm strictly on Ibuprofen, and should be weaning off that soon.

This year we added a Wii to the household. With the addition of the Wii Fit, I hope to work a lot on balance as I work on strength and flexibility throughout my rehab.

As I reflect on the events of my 39th year, I realize that I am approaching 40 with 3 people and 4 screws inside me.

My resolution this year is simple; Start daily push-ups and sit-ups January 1st, adding more each week. Starting at 10 of each daily, in addition to my PT regimen, and add 1 each day. By my anticipated return date in 20 weeks, I should be at around 150 daily. Wish me luck!

What's your fitness resolution this year?


Blackbeltmama said...

I'm so glad to hear you're doing so well. The Wii Fit has been a real eye opener for me. I figured I'd be putting more weight on my non-operative leg, but it turns out the opposite is true! Weird, huh? I'm working on center of balance and it's already improving. Wii Fit gives you instant feedback which is nice for us ACL people.

I'm back in on Wednesday and hope it goes as smoothly.

Littlefair said...

Good luck with your resolution!

I want to grade in Shorinji Kempo in May so I need to swot up on technique names and postures (my Japanese is weak AND I always seem to forget which stance the juho is in...doh!). So more studies for me (1).

I want to keep up my running regimen too- helps me battle the bulge and keeps fitness level up. Keep running (2).

After a sparring session at Tang Soo Do I realised my close-in techniques some work. Notably how to close the distance. Having been trained in this kicking style I tend to keep at kicking distance but I want to work on closing it and using my hands (which I know are effective!). Do more sparring (3).

Oh yeah and more love is always good :-) Continue loving the wife and kids (4)

Good luck with the rehab too fella. Sounds like you've cracked the psychological aspect anyway :-)