Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Phase Won.

My rehab program is in 4 phases:

I. 0-4 weeks: Range of Motion. Goal: ROM of 0-120° and walking without a limp.
II. 4-6 weeks: Strength, balance, and proprioception. Goal: Unrestricted walking, including stairs.
III. 7-12 weeks: Power, speed, and more strength. Goal: Begin return to running program.
IV. 13-24 weeks: Function, agility, hopping, sport specific drills. Goal: Complete rehabilitation.

Sunday marked the end of week 3. My last PT visit had me at -3° to + 116° ROM, which seems far ahead of my prior rehab! I've been taking stairs leading with the operative leg going up now, but we're waiting on leading with the good leg going down until I demonstrate more control.

The busyness of the holidays has kept my mind occupied, and these first 3 weeks have simply flown by. Here's the basics of where I'm at currently:

- ROM: Objectively I'd say I'm well into 120°+ of flex, and extension isn't hardly uncomfortable at all.
- Swelling: I have dimples around my kneecap again!
- Scarring: Scars are healing up nicely, just one persistent site that's still rather swollen but not painful. My PT is having me massage the scars to keep them from bonding to the underlying tissue.
- Mobility: Haven't used a cane since the first week.
- Bruising: The last traces of pooled fluid in my foot have faded to nearly nothing now.
- Walking: I still catch myself in a conservative gait, working on lengthening my stride.
- Strength: Strapping on 2 lbs. of ankle weights for straight leg lifts currently.

Since swelling has gone down, my other ligaments have taken the opportunity to get some exercise of the knee-cracking variety. Things are still a bit tender in that area, so I'm careful whenever getting up from sitting for long periods. I still get these wicked charlie horse cramps in my thigh in the evening, but ibuprofen usually takes care of those. If they continue much past about week 6, I'll get them investigated in case there's funny business with nerves in my back.

I'm two days into my resolution for sit-ups and push-ups, hoping it's a good habit that will develop over the next few weeks. Can't wait to start running in another 3 weeks, which is odd since I'm not normally much of a runner to begin with--but it always manages to fire me up for the day.

Black Belt Mama is heading in tomorrow morning for some corrective surgery on a protruding sheath from the interference screw installed in her shin. Keep her in your thoughts that her healing will be quick and devoid of any PT requirements!

Thursday is the next check-in with my PT. Friday is my 40th birthday. I expect great things from both.

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Michele said...

Fantastic progress. I bet you will be running in no time.

Have a great birthday on Friday!