Thursday, June 12, 2008

Batting .333

First sparring class in November, 2007: Rolled my foot, re-spraining an ankle.
Second sparring class in December, 2007: Tore my ACL trying to recover from a fall.
Third sparring class in June, 2008: No injuries.

Injury-free sparring class stats: a solid .333. Not bad, eh?

After last Friday's green light from Dr. K, I made a point to feel my way through full contact pad hits at Saturday's morning class. Everything was fantastic, no soreness in the knee, so I decided to attend sparring class Monday night.

I had a blast!

I made my instructor a bit nervous, kicking away at the punching bag while he finished teaching the beginner belt class, but assured him that my goal was to survive injury-free and I'd go easy. We warmed up with hopping drills, working on slide kicks and blitz punches for point sparring. So far, so good, and the operative knee was holding up just fine.

As we drilled on specific techniques with partners, I concluded that while it's the stronger one, my right leg didn't care to be in back. Throughout the evening I switched up stances, and it felt more comfortable with my right leg in front. If it stays that way, I may have an advantage in future matches, since my back would be towards most people's kicking leg--not a legitimate target in point sparring. We'll see.

It wasn't really until Tuesday's class that I felt any soreness at all, though I've been faithfully spending time with the cryo-cuff after classes. Things were just dandy yesterday and today, so I think I'm at a good pace right now.

The next challenge: Summer goals! Here's what I need to achieve between now and August 31st:

- Attend at least 12 regular classes
- 1000 push-ups
- 1500 slow kicks
- Minimum 150 times going through form
- 45 minutes of aerobic activity per week

Keep in mind that any of this activity done in class does NOT count. Should be easy, and the master of our school system will be presenting patches at the end of the summer for those who make their goals.

A little 5-7-5 of thanks to all you readers:

"Pop" went the weasel
My fighting spirit, broken
Your spirit heals me


Anonymous said...

Hi Hack Shaft. I go to National Karate too! I just recently tore my ACL landing from a kick. I had surgery June 2, 2008 and begin PT June 17th. I was wondering if you could email me with any other tips or positive thoughts on getting through recovery. I'm very nervous about regaining my range of motion and am anxious to return to karate. I want to compete in the Diamond Nationals this October, but am not sure if that goal is attainable. Please email me if you feel comfortable. Thank you for sharing your story, gives me hope.

Hack Shaft said...


By almost all standards and protocols I've read and know, you're looking at a minimum of 24 weeks rehab.

Sorry to say, but you should plan on being a spectator at Diamonds this year.

My best advice is to keep mentally involved in Karate.

Watch some of the exciting stuff at the World Combat League on VS Network, read up on techniques, grab a printout of your next form and mentally drill through it.

Above all, don't be afraid to laugh at yourself!!!