Friday, November 14, 2008


For the creatively challenged trying to read last Tuesday's post, here's what happened on Election Night:

1. Obama won the Presidency.
2. Hack Shaft lost another ACL.

Oy. Well, it's been shocking to so many in my extended Karate community to hear the news, and everyone is surprised at how well I'm taking it.

Should I take it some other way?

Wednesday night I did some power-grieving with a few beers and a surprisingly large quantity of Jack Daniels. Understand, folks, I'm not a heavy drinker and don't recommend my blatantly juvenile, childish, alcohol-fueled reaction--but that night the reality of being out until June again hit me hard.

Why June? Primarily financial reasons. Like last time, I plan to use pre-tax money from an FSA at work to pay for surgery expenses, and the new funds aren't available until January 1st. The medical services have to occur in the same year as the FSA funds.

Then again, I may forgo the tax benefit if I can get surgery scheduled in early December. Guess I'll know more Friday after my visit with Dr. K.

Primary considerations are scheduling--such as carpools, time off from work, holiday parties--but maybe, just maybe, I can trim a month off the process...

Well, 'nuff for tonight. I'm heading out to support 5 friends from my school at their final Black Belt screening session.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. I just got back on for the first time in a while, only to find the bad news. I am so sorry. That rots.

I know you'll do well, though, given your character, which generally seems so positive.

If there's any bright side, at least it's your left this time. You'll be driving much sooner (assuming your car is an automatic), so it won't be quite as logistically annoying.

Like Michelle and BBM, I'm rooting for you.

Jed said...

I lost my right again (3x). I'll be having surgery this year since I've hit Maximum out of Pocket or my insurance this year.

I tore it late August and just decided to finish the Rugby Season.

Hack Shaft said...

BBB, thanks for the support!

Jed, THREE TIMES? Ouch, man!

Jed said...

3x on the right. 1x on the left. I'll be going under for #4 on 12/12. (This'll also be the 4th time under the knife in 2008 with the UCL and UCL infection.)