Monday, November 24, 2008

Time, and time again.

The date and time are set, the countdown reset.

December 15th, 8:30 am.

Saw Dr. K on Friday, he confirmed it is a complete ACL tear, and is just as baffled as I am as to the lack of swelling. He mentioned that sometimes it's the result of chronic ACL wear, but he saw no indication of that. Guess I'll just count my blessings I didn't have to go through the whole swelling-reduction program prior to surgery!

No indication of Meniscus damage, and signs of an MCL sprain which will resolve itself without surgical intervention.

As I head for my repeat, it's a reminder of all the things I had to do last time. Pre-op physical. PT appointments. Follow-up appointments. Work scheduling. Short-term disability. Allograft decision.


And On.

And yes, I will be watching surgery again. That was cool the first time, gotta catch the sequel!

I will pack and gift wrap my uniforms and equipment this weekend. It was a ritual I used before, and one worth repeating. It symbolizes the pain of putting away my Karate for a while, with the promise of rebirth, restoration, and renewal in 27 weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Wei said...

Good luck with the surgery and have a great Thanksgiving! We'll be here rooting for you!

Michele said...

I can not even imagine going through it a second time. Keep us posted on your progress.

I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Davidx said...

Best of luck; please do keep posting on your progress. I don't want to think of going through it a second time; but I am excited I am going back to working out soon. Take care.

Jed said...

Wow, I'm Dec 12... our recovery should be rather parallel.

Hack Shaft said...

Hey all, thanks for the support!

Wei, thanks for sharing your story, I added a link to your blog now.

Michele, much gratitude for taking my second injury so personally on your blog. I'm honored by your entry!

David, congrats on returning soon. I can't wait myself (again.)

Jed, I wonder how you'll do with a repeat. Is this a virgin knee, or a re-do?

Jed said...

Second redo of the right knee.