Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Woodwork

It's always interesting to see who comes out of the woodwork when you experience some life-changing event. This morning at church I spoke with a few long-time friends and was related their personal ACL tear stories!

Judy, recently on the losing side of the equation between scooter and automobile, currently suffers from a torn ACL among other ailments as a result of her accident. Kerry tore her ACL 16 years ago skiing. Anne's son tore his playing soccer within the past few years, and I'm promised an introduction at Christmastime to talk with him about his experience.

This past week I've felt out of place in my own house, especially this weekend as the Wife and Mother-In-Law paint up the entryway and stairs.

I came to the realization that I'm sitting around doing nothing, because that's the time I'd usually spend at Karate class! DUH! I've been so entrenched in the daily and weekly rhythm of classes 4 to 5 times a week that it's really disruptive putting it on hold.

A man of ritual, I plan to give my fairly new sparring equipment (only twice used) a good cleaning and, along with my uniform and belt, pack it carefully away. Then I'll wrap it as a present to myself, to open on that special day when I get a green light from my PT and doc to return to Karate!

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