Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 6: On the cusp

Things went tremendously well at PT this afternoon. I've a challenge to work on straight leg raises now--initially it was only 9 in sets of 3, 4 times a day. Today I found out the goal is 300 in a day, which I don't intend to do right away!!!

Flexion is improving, and the auto-chill accessory showed up today. That'll be fun to try out this evening.

Took my first full-fledged shower on the loaned shower bench, and it was mahvelous, dahlink! I've been keeping clean and all, but ya just can't beat a good shower--except with a nice long, hot bath. The Steri-strips fell off, so I put a large band-aid in place to hold two clear nylon sutures that were poking out, looking rather important.

Oh, and looks like some extra blood is pooling around various places in my leg now, most notably on the instep of my foot. Not painful, not swollen, just a pretty shade of purple down there.

Been walking real well today, even with the brace. Hoping I'll get permission to drive Friday from Dr. K, as I'm doing well bearing weight on the new knee.

Tomorrow I'm 39, so today is the cusp-of-the-cusp, if you will, of turning 40. Aw, it's just another plateau in life's uphill climb anyway, may as well pause to enjoy the view!

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Blackbeltmama said...

Happy Birthday 20 minutes early!

300 leg lifts? I'm supposed to do 90 a day. I usually double it and do 180. 300? AH!

I had a good day today at PT. The 3 week mark is also mahvalous. ;-)

(So are showers, even if they are seated.)