Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 9: Antici..................................................


I was just perusing the protocol for rehabilitation from knee surgery. Looking at weeks 13-24, about 4 to 6 months post-op, I'm shocked at the hopping exercises. I mean, my knee is giving me sympathy twinges thinking about square, diagonal, zig-zag, single-leg, and straight-line hopping! YIKES!

Still, I have to trust that my surgeon and PT know what they're doing. Based on costs, they'd darn well better!

For the martial artist reading this, think back to that very first class, when your uniform and white belt were both creased and stiff, still reeking of the plastic bag you just pulled them from.
Remember how far away your current belt seemed then!

The sick irony is that it will be longer for me to return than I've been taking classes. 7 months from injury until I expect to return, and I was just entering into month number 5 of classes. (I've studied the Arts previously, albeit quite some years ago!)

However, I realize that I can still fill time with Karate:
- Work on core.
- Do Form in a chair or in my head. Limp through it when I can, walking through the motions without actually kicking.
- Get familiar with that new Bo, so it becomes an extension of my arms when I return.
- Improve my upper body and core strength while getting the knee back in condition.
- Figure out exercises to use as a sub for some boring PT--like 4-count slow kicks vs. side leg raises to work abductors and hip flexors.
- Continue to record belt tests on DVD for the school--then review and learn from them, using the "best in class" as a visual aid for Bo and open hand Forms.

On a side note, I've taken notice of ACL injuries in the media all of a sudden. It's contagious, I swear! Previously I mentioned Jason Chambers' poorly executed tornado kick. Then comes the return of American Gladiators, where Jesse Foster tears her knee up during Power Ball. Looks like yet another one bites the dust!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, get well soon. Well written and really enjoy your blog. My ACL surgery was cancelled last minute, on your day 5. Another 40 someting Dude, practicing TKD who jams in a garage band. Best wishes.

Hack Shaft said...

Aww, that sucks.

Hope you're OK and get your surgery rescheduled as soon as possible. I'm just glad this is a wintertime thing, so I won't be missing warm weather fun this year!

Blackbeltmama said...

I can't imagine hopping either. Twisting, turning, any of it at this point. I'm so afraid. But, when I think about where I was three weeks ago, in agony when I lowered my leg off the bed, and now I'm riding a bike for five minutes at a time. . . baby steps. That's the key.

When I was going through child birth classes, my instructor told me to never think ahead to the next contraction. Only worry about the one you were in. I think that can be said for this recovery too. I can't even imagine hopping. For now, I'll just enjoy my bike riding success. ;-)

Thanks for your comment on my recent post. You're right about the gi.

Michele said...

I like your comment regarding your bo and how you want it to become an extension of your arms. I went through a few before I found my favorite - a 6 foot non-tapered ash bo.

Enjoy your new bo!

Hack Shaft said...

What's notable is my Bo is barely new--I've worked exactly one class with a Bo, and that only a week before my injury.

So while technically not new, I do look forward to getting to know it well during my rehab.

We even joked at my school how I could study DVD's of open hand and weapon forms, even for higher belts, and come back ready to test for Black Belt.

BobSpar said...

It's really frightening to hop on the recovering leg, even many months into the process. In my case, I almost think the hopping in PT was more about fixing my mind than fixing my knee.

You're progressing so well, and it's an excellent idea to do what you can to fill your time with karate. Besides making recovery less boring, I'm sure that on your return you'll hit the mat running (or even hopping!).