Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 8: Lots of excitement

Lots of exciting milestones today, far more than I expected this early in the game!

Was able to stand in the shower this morning comfortably, no more showering on a bench.

Saw Dr. K this afternoon. Stitches are out, immobilizer brace is gone, and he agreed I could drive after demonstrating good weight bearing and a solid straight leg lift.

Got a first measurement of post-op flexion at PT, 113 degrees. Woo-hoo! Jumped on an exercise bike for 5 minutes pedaling backwards with no resistance, and was introduced to more exercises for the hamstring and adductor muscles. Ouch!

Forward pedaling on the bike won't start until 4 weeks post-op.

After PT I went to watch my daughter's Karate class as they worked on beginning Bo forms and movements.

Auto-chill option showed up 2 days ago, that's some serious cold on the knee now. I love having the cryo-cuff cycling with gentle compression pulses, and staying wicked-cold the whole time.

Losing the brace also means I can start wearing regular pants. No more lounging around the house (and around town) in baggy sweats!

Things aren't all completely rosy, however. Once I've posted this blog, it's down the stairs to the basement--carefully--to take care of some overdue litter boxes. Man, I thought I could scam out of at least one cleaning cycle!

I also really gotta think a bit harder when going up steps. I stubbed my big toe when I had a momentary lapse of reason and tried to lead with my bad right leg. It didn't clear the step, leaving me a painful reminder to take it easy, stupid!

So...all in all, a phenomenal day. New freedoms, returning obligations, and the constant task of reminding myself to proceed carefully as I go forward.

The journey back from surgery is well underway, but there are still potholes to avoid on the road.


Blackbeltmama said...

Wow! That's awesome. No brace? Not fair. I can't wait until my brace is gone! Obviously my surgeon/PT are much more conservative. I'm looking very forward to the no brace days. 113 at 8 days is just awesome. I hit 115 Tuesday and 120 today. You're way ahead of the game. Nice job!

Michele said...

Your progress is amazing! The first standing shower after surgery was definitely a highlight of my recovery. Great news about the brace - I had to wear mine for about 5 weeks at full extension.

BobSpar said...

Paul, you are just zipping along, that's great!