Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ah, that familiar feeling returns.

Rehearsal Saturday went well with the band, and so did the show late last night at a local club. The knee held up well.

Today I tried to go without my usual neoprene support velcroed around the knee, I didn't like it. I could really tell just how much slop there was in the joint just sitting at my office desk! Even with the irritation of occasional Velcro hooks rubbing on the back of my thigh, going with is tons better than doing without.

Black Belt Mama is recovering from her ACL reconstruction currently. Stop by and give her your positive thoughts and good wishes.

I haven't felt any normal 'pop' in my right knee since the adventure began last week. Generally there's a bit of resistance and discomfort while bending the knee, but no pop.

One jumped out of the joint this morning as I was going through some PT exercises.

It's amazing how nice that can feel!

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