Thursday, December 13, 2007

Organ donation

Yowsa, such a flurry of responses to my last post--thanks to everyone for weighing in.

For tomorrow's consult, I'll be sure to keep an open ear and mind about options.

The three surgeons recommended to me are all part of an orthopaedic facility, with very experienced specialists in sports medicine--both surgical and non-surgical. I believe experience won't be an issue.

That pretty much leaves it up to the surgeon's recommendations, and his particular history and experience with each option. I will dig hard to find out if he's specifically worked with martial artists, and I promise to log in tomorrow afternoon and report back!

I'm mostly Ok with an allograft, it's the Wife who has concerns. I trust medical science to do what's in the best interest of my health, as long as procedure is strictly followed!

Reports of disease transmission by allograft of a ligament are statistically insignificant. I would prefer avoiding the strip mining of my patella if I can, and there's the insurance side of things as well. If purchasing material for an allograft isn't a covered option, that may limit me right there.

It's just a bit creepy thinking of trading in human remains, but I myself make sure to check the Organ Donor box on my driver's license application each and every time. If I'm willing to be a donor, I should be willing to honor someone else's decision to do the same if it's truly in my best interests.

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Blackbeltmama said...

That was the other question they asked me the other day!!! I couldn't remember what other question creeped me out. That was it!

I know what you mean about the allograft. My insurance is covering it no problem. You figure they have to spend extra time in surgery and do extra things if they're taking a graft from you, so I'm wondering if the costs are similar. I'll be interested to hear what you decide.

I got my post-op brace today. Woo hoo. . . NOT. ;-)