Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hi. My name is...

Allow me to drift a bit off the usual topics of Martial Arts and ACL reconstruction.

The nickname Hack Shaft has a cute story behind it.

Several years ago, my band was having a bit of an identity crisis; we'd left the old name behind, along with the old drummer (who absolutely insisted that HE owned the name, though we were 4-to-1 in majority against him) and needed something new to call ourselves.

So I did what any entrepreneurial punk would and hit up the Internet, looking for the perfect name. I came across a variety of random band name generators and took one for a spin.

The funniest one that popped up was Explosive Nutrition. GNC stores pop into my head every time I remember THAT one!

Hack Shaft just showed up in one list, and kinda stuck in my head. I mentioned it to my co-guitarist at the time, and his first reaction was "Ow!!!"

Anyhow, it's unique enough that I began to use it regularly for home recording and video production. Hack Shaft. I like it.

Oh, and since being called "Hack" in comments sounds a little name is Paul.

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