Friday, December 14, 2007

The countdown begins.

Today I chatted up my surgeon. After discussion options, I'm planning to go with an allograft, unless my medical insurance won't cover the additional costs. The insurance company wants to review the case, so I'm glad I made the inquiry.

My surgeon, Dr. K, also mentioned that besides the torn ACL there was a tear in the meniscus that he'll clean up as part of the procedure.

Tomorrow is a very busy day. Morning begins with belt promotion testing at my Karate school, and I'll be taping the show to put on DVD. My Daughter is going for her green belt, which means she can start sparring classes and weapons training. She's very excited about that!

Afternoon is band rehearsal for our show on Monday, then it's the company holiday party in the evening. Whew!

My ACL reconstruction is January 2nd. Let the countdown begin...


BobSpar said...

Check out your company's policy on disability leave. I took five sick days, and then I had to apply for short-term disability, for which I took for five days. I began working from home after that stretch. I was very glad I had ten work days to just focus on getting over the pain and recovering. If you are allowed to work from home, that will help as well.

Good luck!

Hack Shaft said...


I'll definitely do that. With my surgery occurring mid-week, I should only need to take perhaps 8 work days total off. Tacking on the weekends, that's 12 days before I return to work--assuming I'm in any shape to drive!

Work is a desk job, so that'll go far towards not stressing the new ACL. I can log in from home, so that'll go far towards keeping work from burying me when I come back to the office.

I just won't be answering phones!

Blackbeltmama said...

Hey there,

Just saw your decision. I'm open for questions if you have some. I'll be lying around in bed tomorrow. I'll be posting the whole "experience" on Monday. ;-)